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Automatic Paint Roller Frame Handle Making Machine 2023

Automatic Paint Roller Frame Handle Making Machine 2023 is used to make paint roller brush handle with size adjustable feature. We can adjust the machine to make different size ha ...
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Automatic Paint Roller Frame Handle Making Machine 2023 is used to make paint roller brush handle with size adjustable feature. We can adjust the machine to make different size handle which not need to change any mold. This Paint Roller Brush Handle Making Machine has the function of automatic wire straightening cutting, automatic paint roller brush handle ears and flattening making, roller brush handle head chamfering or threading and paint roller brush shape bending. This Pain roller machine solves the complicated process of traditional paint roller handle bending equipment. For old type machine, worker need to change the mold to make different size or shape paint roller brush handle, which takes a long time to replace the mold and adjust it again. this operation is time-consuming and laborious and also requires huge investment. Romiter Multiple size adjustable paint roller brush handle machine is a patented high-performance paint roller machine. we have CE certification with our machine which meet Europe Market requirement.




Advantage Feature of  Multiple Size Adjustable Paint Roller Handle Machine

  1. Our Paint roller machine can produce all types of paint roller brushes in the market. One machine can all kinds of shapes paint rollers, no need to change molds.
  2. The Paint Roller Handle Bending can be completed in only 2 seconds.
  3. Advanced Wire Straightening Cutting Device, which allows loose and clamps during wire feeding.
  4. Advanced Flat and Dot Punching Making Device, which make the mold durable and easy to adjust. The molding efficiency is higher and the operation is simpler.
  5. The multifunctional roller brush paint roller machine with an electric bending system uses the traditional 2d wire rod forming machine, the electric bending system is matched with the hydraulic cutter and the forming parameters are set through the cnc controller, and the speed is adjustable to replace the existing hydraulic forming mold. the mold no longer limits the forming shape, there is no need to replace the mold, but only replace the controller parameters. the equipment with chamfering machine and flattening system


Advantage Feature of Multiple Size Adjustable Paint Roller Brush Handle Machine


Advanced design






Specification of Multiple Size Adjustable Paint Roller Brush Handle Bending Machine

Model RM-PHB2023
Voltage Three phase 380v /can customized
Wire feeding servo motor 3.8kw
Bending servo motor power 3.8kw
Oil pump motor power 4kw
Chamfer motor power 0.75kw
Pressure 0.5MPa
Steel wire diameter 5-8mm
Speed 15-20 pcs/min
Spare parts 2 set mould
Dimension 3.5m*1.5m*2.1m
Weight 1200kg
Package  Size 2.4m*1.5m*2.1m

Working Video of Multiple size Paint Roller Brush Handle Making Machine

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of brush machinery. we focused on researching and designing the machinery for different types of brush manufacture solutions. Now, Our factory can provide wooden paint brush handle forming machine, automatic wooden brush ferrule nailing machine, Wooden Brush Handle Round Forming Machine, Wooden Paint Brush Handle Surface Shaving Machine, Wooden Brush Handle Hole Drilling Machine, Paint Brush Wooden Handle Sanding Machine, Brush Bristle Mixing Machine, Brush Ferrule Bristle Filling Machine, cosmetic wooden brush handle machine, Paint Roller Frame Handle Making Machine, Paint Roller Brush Making Machine, Paint Roller Frame Cage Assembling Machine, paint roller frame handle assembling machine, toothbrush making machine and brush metal ferrule making machine.

Romiter Brush Processing Machine meets Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

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