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Paint Roller Brush Types and Structure Introduction

The paint roller brush is extensively used for both interior and exterior painting work. It has become an indispensable tool for any type of painting work. The paint rollers can easily handle different types of paint without any problems. The rollers can easily paint a large area in a short span of time and produce an excellent finish without any variations. The simplicity of use, excellent paint finish, and a wide choice of design patterns make the paint roller an ideal choice for all types of paint work.


Different Structure of Paint Roller Brush

German insert rod-type

Simple and cheap handle, the high price of the complex brush head, can change head to use.



American roller frame type structure of paint roller brush

The simple and cheap brush head, high price for a complex roller frame, can change head for use



Chinese screw-type structure of paint roller brush

Simple manufacturing, low price, uneven quality, difficult to replace the brush head, even the handle is a disposable product, the use of waste, for the user, the cost is higher. For individual factory products, because there is no inner tube, there is a flow in the paint that can not come out of the phenomenon; there is also the phenomenon of falling plug cover, plush off.


Components of Paint Roller Brush

The roller brush has three main components. The frame of the roller brush provides the structural strength of the roller brush. The roller frame quality depends upon the brand.

The second component of the roller brush is the roller cage. It is the roller cage that actually firmly holds the roller cover in place.

The third component of the roller is the roller cover. The roller cover is detachable and can be easily replaced with a new one.

Different types of roller covers can be mounted on the roller cage as per requirements. Please check the product description to verify its compatibility with the roller frame.


Different Material Roller Cover of Paint Brush Roller

Different types of paint rollers are available in the home improvement store. Each roller type is suitable for a specific type of painting work.

It is possible that you might get lost in the home improvement store due to too many options for paint rollers. Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of roller. so that you can pick the right one.

Woven Acrylic Roller Brush Cover

Woven Acrylic Roller Brush Cover

The Tiger Stripe roller! So called, we guess because of its tiger-like yellow with black stripe. These rollers are among our most popular with those in the trade. Acrylic is a versatile and reliable choice for both emulsion and masonry paints.

This woven acrylic roller gives great performance at reasonable cost and is suitable for use with a wide range of paint types. The short pile makes it ideal for a smooth or semi smooth surface.

Same roller with a red stripe…this is the same woven acrylic as the tiger stripe but with the red stripe instead of black. The long pile makes it better for semi-rough/rough emulsion and masonry. A good blend of performance and price.

Sheepskin Rollers Brush Cover

Sheepskin Rollers Brush Cover

Sheepskin is an old/traditional trade favourite. Sheepskin is great for durability and washability so is excellent if you’re the type to spend time cleaning and re-using equipment.

The sheepskin roller we supply is merino wool (finest grade sheepskin). Users love this for its good loading and release qualities, making it easy and quick to paint with.

Look for a medium pile for a matt finish or for use on a smooth or semi smooth surface. For semi smooth/masonry surfaces choose long pile.


Simulated mohair rollers Brush Cover

Simulated mohair rollers brush cover

Simulated mohair can sometimes be a good choice for emulsion, the short-pile being best suited for applying a silk finish and for very smooth, flat surfaces.

Mohair/simulated mohair tends to be better suited to gloss paints and while it can be used on artex and textured wall it is not always suitable for masonry paints and rough surfaces.

Microfibre rollers brush cover

Microfibre rollers brush cover

Microfibre rollers give a smooth surface finish, with thick and even coverage – they are a good choice for emulsions. Microfibre loads paint better than some fabrics and has fine uniform release without any orange peel effects. It’s a good choice if you’re unsure, as it can be used with many different paint types.

Polyamide and Polyester rollers brush cover

Polyester is a hard wearing fabric and has a dense fibre structure – ideally suited for all emulsions. This is an economical short term roller. Polyamide is tough fabric and is engineered to be durable so has longer product life than many other rollers with good paint pick up and release. Easy to clean and ideal for high quality paints.

Gloss/satin paints and varnishes have a different, more viscous texture and finish, so applying by roller can be a bit more unpredictable. Those in the trade tend to the know the application tricks and are adept at ‘laying off’ where necessary. We will post some painting tips in future blogs. Here are the rollers that can be used for gloss, satin, matt oils and varnishes etc

Solvent Resistant Rollers

Solvent Resistant Rollers Brush Cover

Solvent resistant rollers with the blue stripe! These nylon fabric rollers are extremely popular because of their superb solvent resistant properties. Use with solvent based paints, varnishes and two pack epoxy paints.

We sell more of this type of roller than any other for use with our solvent based paints and varnishes.

The mini rollers in particular are ideal, sold in packs of ten and popular for smaller areas like door/window frames, line-detailing on boats and machinery etc. A solvent resistant floor painting roller kit is also available.

Foam rollers brush cover

Gloss pile simulated mohair-mohair rollers brush cover
Low density foam rollers are an economical option that do not shed pile or mottle easily. They are good choice for DIYers who want to use and dispose of equipment after a project.

With solvent based paints, low density foam rollers don’t always last well and can ‘fall apart’ during use; we recommend the solvent resistant blue stripe version in preference to foam. High density foam rollers are trade quality and have the same qualities as the low density foam but are more durable and are popular with trade.

Most of our trade customers avoid foam for solvent based paints but this option can be useful on occasion and for water based glosses etc.

pyramid shaped arrangement of 10 mini paint rollers

Gloss pile simulated mohair/mohair rollers brush cover

Gloss pile simulated mohair/mohair rollers are popular with trade for water based glosses, satins and wood stains; be sure to choose gloss pile rather than longer pile which is better for semi smooth textured surfaces. Mohair (simulated) has good durability and tends not to shed.


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