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Máquina automática de montagem de ferrolho e cerdas de metal com escova

Ferrolho de escova de metal automático e máquina de montagem de cerdas são usadas para encher as cerdas no ferrolho de escova de metal. Ele alimenta automaticamente a cerda, alime ...
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Ferrolho de escova de metal automático e máquina de montagem de cerdas são usadas para encher as cerdas no ferrolho de escova de metal. Ele alimenta automaticamente a cerda, alimenta automaticamente a virola de metal e insere automaticamente a cerda na virola. A máquina de inserção de cerdas virais para escovas de pintura automática é a mais avançada máquina de montagem de cerdas e virolas. Podemos personalizar de acordo com a forma e o tamanho do ferrolho de metal do cliente. Agora, esta máquina tem sido amplamente utilizada na Fábrica de Fabricação de Pincéis.


Structure of Paint Brush Ferrule Head and Bristle Filling Making Machine


Automatic-Brush-Metal-Ferrule-and-Bristle-Installatoin-Machine Automatic-Brush-Metal-Ferrule-and-Bristle-Assemble-Machine-Structure

Automatic Brush Metal Ferrule and Bristle Assembling Machine with Cover



Specification of Paint Brush Metal Ferrule and Bristle Assembling Machine

Product Name Flat Ferrule  Included Ferrule
Working Speed 24pcs/min 24pcs/min
Electric Voltage Customized Available Customized Available
Power 3.5kw 3.5kw
Sizes of Paint Brush Head 1″-6″ flat ferrule, thickness: 6mm-30mm 1″-3″ included ferrule, 1″-6″ circular arc ferrule. 6mm~30mm thickness
Compressed Air >0.6m³/min >0.6m³/min
Required Staff Member 2 persons 2 persons
Materials of Stuff bristles (over 40 mm), milling fiber, chemical fiber, mixed bristles and fiber. Length: 44mm-115mm
Dimensions (L*W*H) 6.8*1.6*1.7m 6.8*1.6*1.7m
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year


Working Video of Brush Metal Ferrule and Bristle Assembling Machine

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of brush machinery. we focused on researching and designing the machinery for different types of brush manufacture solutions. Now, Our factory can provide wooden paint brush handle forming machine, automatic wooden brush ferrule nailing machine, Wooden Brush Handle Round Forming Machine, Wooden Paint Brush Handle Surface Shaving Machine, Wooden Brush Handle Hole Drilling Machine, Paint Brush Wooden Handle Sanding Machine, Brush Bristle Mixing Machine, Brush Ferrule Bristle Filling Machine, cosmetic wooden brush handle machine, Paint Roller Frame Handle Making Machine, Paint Roller Brush Making Machine, Paint Roller Frame Cage Assembling Machine, paint roller frame handle assembling machine, toothbrush making machine and brush metal ferrule making machine.

Romiter Brush Processing Machine meets Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

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