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Flat Paint Brush Machine

Sliding Table Saw for Paint Brush Handle

slide table saw also known as a sliding table saw or sliding panel saw is used to cut wooden plate to paint brush raw material length. it is a type of woodworking tool used for ma ...
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slide table saw also known as a sliding table saw or sliding panel saw is used to cut wooden plate to paint brush raw material length. it is a type of woodworking tool used for making precise and accurate cuts in wood and other materials. It is a variation of the traditional table saw with an additional sliding table mechanism.



multi-blade-saw-for-paint-brush-wooden-plate-result Automatic-Paint-Brush-Wooden-Plate-Curve-Shape-Sawing-Machine

Features of Slide Table Saw for Paint Brush

  1. Sliding Table: The sliding table is a large flat surface that sits perpendicular to the blade and can move back and forth on rails. It allows the user to place the workpiece on the table and slide it smoothly into the blade for cutting. This sliding action provides better support for larger workpieces and enables more controlled and accurate cuts.
  2. Rip Fence: Just like a regular table saw, a slide table saw is equipped with a rip fence. The rip fence is an adjustable guide that runs parallel to the blade and helps the user make straight and consistent rip cuts.
  3. Blade Height and Angle Adjustment: The blade of a slide table saw can typically be adjusted in height and angle to make different types of cuts, such as crosscuts, rip cuts, and bevel cuts.
  4. Miter Gauge: A miter gauge is a tool that allows the user to make angled cuts by setting the workpiece at various angles relative to the blade.
  5. Safety Features: Slide table saws usually have safety features such as blade guards and anti-kickback mechanisms to protect the user from accidents while operating the tool.

Slide table saws are often found in professional woodworking shops and are used for a wide range of applications, including cutting large panels, making precision cuts for furniture pieces, cabinetry work, and other woodworking projects that require accurate and clean cuts.

Factory Working Slide Table Saw


Working Video of Slide Table Sawing Machine

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